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CRIMES Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra The still calm of the morning Is as deafening as stories About crimes Printed in the dailies Broadcast on radio Crime has become the cheapest Merchandise Flaunted by its own law Of supply and demand Its price roughshodly lowered By abundance More abundant Than mangoes and guavas They need not be bought at all So much that even the harmless streets Of recluse villages Become zoos Littered with Salvaged Bodies [Writ. 29 May 1991, Cubao, Quezon City, M.Manila] REFLECTION The causality of crimes is a tough science, and I do recall during my collegiate years as a sociology student the exciting yet tough readings on criminality and deviance. What I learned from modern sociology is the law that social context determines consciouness (ideas, thought, values, philosophy). Thoughts about crimes, and the actual occurrences of crimes, are therefore products of the... (more)

Truth in Love
Link: Faith Author: William MacDonald Source: Sermon Index "There can be no true discipleship without profound and unquestioning faith in the living God. He who would do exploits for God must first trust Him implicitly. “All God’s giants have been weak men who did great things for God because they reckoned on God being with them.” -- Hudson Taylor Now true faith is always based upon some promise of God, some portion of His Word. This is important. The believer first reads or hears some promise of the Lord. The Holy Spirit takes that promise and applies it to his heart and conscience in a very personal way. The Christian becomes aware that God has spoken to him directly. With utter confidence in the trustworthiness of the One Who has promised, he reckons the promise as sure as if it were already fulfilled, even though, humanly speaking, it is impossible. Or perhaps it... (more)

g Day-

This dinner was amazing. We served mashed potatoes, creamed corn, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, and, of course, turkey to some 50+ individuals. And we had enough for seconds. With a quantity of food like this, one would expect the quality to suffer, but the quality was on par with my family’s home-cooked thanksgiving dinner. It was amazing to see the joy on these people’s faces after eating such a great meal and being welcomed into this warm and accepting community. I talked with a single mother and her two children, and the mother said how it was one of the best days she’d had in a very long time. All of the guests were extraordinarily gracious and, after the 2 ½ hours I was there, I felt one of the greatest senses of gratification I have ever felt. Feeding the world, however small of a percentage of it, is a great accomplishment.

roy nelson
Doomed To Forget.
Nikolai-Models The more I ponder about life, the more I come to one solid realisation: The biggest curse and predicament of modern Man is forgetfulness. Like a creeping malaise, forgetfulness has seeped through all of Man’s being and doing. Individually, collectively, historically or culturally, we are spellbound to forget.

​When I talk about the pain that was inflicted upon me, I am not looking for sympathy or pity. I'm not exhibiting the all eyes on me syndrome. I'm educating. And by doing so, I'm adding more distance between me and the pain. For a very long time, I believed that if you don't acknowledge something, it just eventually goes away. But that has never worked. The more I talk about being hurt, the better I feel about not living the same scenarios over and over again. It's almost like an out of body experience because none of that defines who I am today. It impacted me, yes, but it didn't define me. I think the more talk there is about abuse, the more educated people become. That's why I don't mind telling my stories, even though, some are still pretty painful to recall. If I can just bring awareness to other people in order to help them look for the signs that this could be taking place with a child they know, it might help them to encourage that ... (more)

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